A Buddhist Journal

September 19, 2006

A Zen Life of Dogen – 道元禅師法語 -2






A Zen Life     

Once upon a time
There often comes my guests,  
Chatted while tea keeps cooking,
Mind is inspired by the new born bamboo which helps eliminating the old habits.  

Life is easy and care-free,
The bowl is cleansed for sipping the fountain water,
Tasty flavor lasts thus could joyfully dance around and play with falling flowers.    

——–Japanese Zen Master Dogen ———–      


Zen master Dogen (1200 – 1253) went to
China and was practiced under another famouse    
Chinese Zen mater Ru-Jing. Dogen get enlightened at his 26 years old (1225)
with total spiritual liberation. Thereafter he went to
Japan and started his Zen school and built    
up his Buddhist Zen Temples.      


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