A Buddhist Journal

October 3, 2007

Message to Sangha in Burma

My Respectful Sangha in Burma: 

You have practiced Metta for years as taught by the Darma.
With your mind centered, your body and speech followed.
The moment you bravely stepped out of monastery and marched on,
You know you are in great danger and risking your live
for the benefit of your country and many many others You speak out aloud
Your voice can be heard by the whole world
You asked for nothing but a humble human right,
a cheap Freedom and Peace. 
You kept marching on with bare foot and un-armed.
You know its a journey of “No Return”
So brave like a warrior without fearwithout turning your head back.
You are no longer yourself.
Your body, speech and mind synchronized as one
with your Buddha within. Freedom and Democracy have its’ price.
It is a long path you are on.
I do not know where are you now.
Definitely you are unable to go alms-round for days.
You may be in jail and being beatened and tortured hard,
or under a hunger strike and remain in deep concentration.
Starving can make your mind clear with better clarity.
You know what you are doing 
Burma is a beautiful country
with a long history of Buddhism
a Buddhist Pureland but is ruled by a Devil Government.
Your sufferings are equally ours.
We know the suffering is also impermanent.
It will not last long and will end one day to come. 
For the benefit of Majority Burmese,
You have well demonstrated as a living Buddhisattva
all six paramittas are performed over this demonstration.
Like a living Buddha that the Dharma is acted alive. Breath in……………and breath out.
Breath in……………and breath out
Breath in …………..and breath out…………… 
Free Burma……………….Free Burma
Free Burma……………….Free Burma
Free Burma Forever…………………… May the Buddha bring you the wisdom and strength to overcome sufferings. 
May you be blessed with safe and peace on your journey. 
My Reverence to the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha in Burma. 

Deep Bow,


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