A Buddhist Journal

December 26, 2007


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Reborn Every Day

Due to having made karma,
rebirth consciousness arises.
But we need not think of rebirth only in a future life.
We are in actual fact reborn every moment with
new thoughts and feelings, and we bring with us
the karma that we made in past moments.

If we were angry a moment ago, we are not
going to feel good immediately.

If we were loving a minute ago, we would be
feeling fine now.

Thus we live from moment to moment with the
results of our karma.

Every morning, particularly, can be seen as a rebirth.
The day is young, we are full of energy,
and have a whole day ahead of us.
Every moment we get older and are tired enough
in the evening to fall asleep and die a small death.

All we can do then is toss and turn in bed,
and our mind is dreamy and foggy.

Every day can be regarded as a whole lifespan,
since we can only live one day at a time;

the past is gone and the future may or may not come;
only this rebirth, this day, this moment, is important.

          Ayya Khema,

          When the Iron Eagle Flies 

          from Everyday Mind,

          a Tricycle book edited by Jean Smith








如果我們一分鐘前還沁潤在愛意中  此刻就感覺很好


特別是每個早晨  都可以看待是個 再生

這一天還很年青  我們充滿了活力

在我們眼前有一個 整天


到了夜晚  我們累到不行 

會入睡  死去一個 小生死

我們能夠做的只是 拋下這一天而換來了床舖


這每一天  都可以看待是個 生死週期



未來可能到來  或不再到來

只有這個 再生  這個日子  這個片刻是重要的    

(Translated into Chinese by Path Walker)


………………..Peace to all beings…………..            



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